Media Policy

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Broome International Airport (BIA) is responsible for the safe and secure operation of the Airport, its terminals, grounds, and other airport facilities. 

All media are required to seek permission to be onsite at BIA.  

BIA will make every effort to assist media to obtain footage for news and current affairs programs. 

If any media wish to film, take photography, or conduct interviews at BIA, you need to seek advanced approval from the CEO. This helps BIA to plan for your visit, while making sure the day-to-day operations of the airport can continue smoothly.​​ 

For operational reasons, there may be times where we will need to decline requests, so please make sure you contact us in advance. 

Importantly, we respect the right to privacy of our passengers, our staff, and others operating at the BIA. To maintain their right to privacy, we request that media crews adhere to the following guidelines when visiting the airport: 

  • Receive advance approval for camera crews to film at BIA. Whilst we understand that breaking news does not always allow for a great deal of warning, we still require as much notice as possible. 

  • Media must comply with requests and directions from airport staff. 

  • Media must display or be able to produce identification when requested. 

  • Media must not interrupt or interfere with normal operations at the Airport. Any media interrupting operations will be requested to leave the airport precinct. 

  • No filming or photography is permitted at security screening points. 

  • Do not film security staff, or individuals dealing with security equipment. 

  • Avoid filming in areas where passengers and staff cannot move away from cameras. 

  • Requests to film check-in counters, airline branding and interviewing staff or passengers should be made in the first instance to the relevant airline. If the airline’s consent is not obtained, permission from BIA to film will not be granted. BIA must be advised if consent is granted. 

Parking rules apply to media vehicles at the airport. Parking is only permitted within the designated public paid-parking area (not in the terminal drop-off zones or deliveries areas).  

Parking charges can be viewed on our website and are signposted in the parking areas. Electronic payments only. 


Enquiries: Broome International Airport Administration 

Phone: 08 9194 0600