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Frequently asked Questions

Terminal Facilities

Is the Airport open 24 hours?

The Check-in Terminal is open between 7:30am - last departure of the day however the Security Screening Point and Departures Terminal are only open around flight times. If check-in for your flight is not open you are welcome to wait in the Check-in Terminal.

Are there any facilities where I can store my luggage?

Yes.  Luggage lockers are located in the Baggage Hut located in the 2 hour car park.  See our Services & Amenities page for more details.

Is there WIFI available at the airport?

Yes, free WIFI is available throughout the airport.

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Car Parking

Can I Pre-Paying my parking?

You are now able to pre-pay Long Term Parking using our website; Just print out the emailed permit and display on your dash. 

Where do I park if the Long Term car park is full?

On some occasions, such as peak travel periods (school holidays & Christmas time) the demand is significantly increased. If the car park becomes full simply park as close to the designated area as possible and display your parking permit. This will prevent you incurring an infringement notice.

Where can I leave keys for someone to pick up my car?

While our car parks do not offer a car key collection service, luggage lockers are available. For more car parking information, please click here.

My car was issued with a parking infringement whilst parked at Broome Airport, how do I pay this?

Airport Staff are authorised to issue parking infringements but all enquires and payments are to be made to the Shire of Broome offices which are located on the corner of Weld and Haas Streets.

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Travelling with Prohibited Items

What items are prohibited as carry-on luggage on aircraft?

There are now increased limitations on the items that are allowed for carriage in the cabin of all aircraft. All knives orcutting implements such as nail scissors and pocket knives or sharp pointed objects like knitting needles, or corkscrews are prohibited as carry-on luggage. These items should instead be packed in your checked luggage for air travel.

If these items are not surrendered at the screening points the passenger is in breach of Australian Government regulations and the airline will not allow the passenger to travel. Please ensure no items are in your hand luggage before reaching the screening point otherwise detection of these items at screening points will require you to surrender these.

What items are prohibited in checked bag luggage?

Please ensure you do not carry any flammable liquids, gases or other dangerous goods with you or in your luggage.

These items are not allowed on aircraft as they are capable of posing a significant risk to health and safety when transported by air. Such items will be removed by security staff when detected. Further information on dangerous goods can be found at

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Lost Property

I've lost an item on the aircraft I flew on. Who do I contact?

If you believe you lost an item on the aircraft, you will need to contact your airline directly.  Please note items are kept for a maximum of 30 days and then donated to local charities.

If you think you lost an item in the Terminal or the Car Parks, you can visit us at Administration M-F between 0800-1700.

Alternatively, phone us on 08 9194 0600 to enquire about a lost item.

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Passenger Assistance

Are wheelchairs available at the Airport?

Yes, wheelchairs are available for use inside the airport terminal - see airline staff

What do I do if I have missed my flight?

Depending on the circumstances, airline, fare class, and flight availability, staff will advise you of your options, otherwise, contact either the airline or booking agent for further assistance.

I am travelling with a bicycle, can I hire a box?

Bike boxes can be purchased through Virgin Australia or Qantas. It is best to obtain this prior to travel and present at Check-In with the bike suitably packaged.

Can I travel with my own alcohol?

Yes, you may transport alcohol with you but it must not be consumed or opened whilst on board your flight or in the terminals.

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What time should I check-in before my flight departs?

To avoid missing your flight you should present yourself to check in no later than 1 hour prior to the Scheduled Departure Time (SDT). Guests who present themselves later than this risk missing their flights. Always allow sufficient time to get checked in and to meet security requirements.

Note: We are still required to close all flights on time, even during delays. You should still present yourself to check-in 1 hour prior to the Scheduled Departure Time (SDT), this will ensure you are given the most up to date information from airport staff.

Who do I call to find out if my flight is running on time or is delayed?

Either call your airline direct or alternatively arrival and departure times can be checked online.

Can I purchase or collect airline tickets at Broome International Airport?

Ticketing services are not available at Broome International Airport for Qantas, Qantaslink and AirNorth.

Ticketing services are available for Virgin Australia, however these can only be purchased at operational times for the current days flights.

Where are the Charter Aircraft Base located?

Broome International Airport has a very active Charter Aircraft Base on Gus Winckel Road. Please check with the aircraft operator you are flying with for more specific departure instructions.

If you are looking to book a chartered flight, CLICK HERE for a list of local aviation operators.

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Travelling with Animals

Does my pet travel on a commercial passenger flight or is there a special plane for them?

Your pet travels on commercial airlines, in the cargo hold. This area is air conditioned, climate controlled and pressurized, just like the cabin where passengers are. The lighting is dimmed, which allows pets to travel in comfort.

How do I book a ticket for my pet?

Accompanied Animals:

Only Qantas and Airnorth accept accompanied pets. See the Qantas Freight webisite HERE for both airlines.

All Pets that are travelling with a passenger need to be lodged at the Freight Facility 90 - 65 minutes before the flight departure time. Failure to do so may result in the pet missing the flight. 

For a map of the Freight Facility location CLICK HERE. The "You Are Here" is marked at the Departure Terminal. 

Unaccompanied Animals:

If you wish to send a pet unaccompanied on a Virgin Australia service, please contact Virgin Australia Cargo directly:

By Phone on 13 82 87
By email at 

If you wish to send a pet unnaccompanied on a Qantas service, please see the Qantas Freight webiste HERE.


For advice and information about transporting your pet by air or to purchase or hire a crate appropriate for your pet, please contact the following pet transport companies:


Name  Phone  Email Address
Jet Pets 1300 668 309
Dogtainers 1300 13 52 52


Where do I drop my animal off? 

All animals need to be dopped off at the Broome Air Freight Office at 6a Coghlan Street. 

Where do I collect my animal on its arrival to Broome?

For all airlines (Virgin, Qantas, Qantas Link & Airnorth):
Present to the Freight Facility from 20 minutes after the flight arrival time and follow the instructions on the signage.

For a map of the Freight Facility location CLICK HERE. The "You Are Here" is marked at the Departure Terminal. 

For more information please contact Broome Air Fright on 0418 810 004

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Travelling with Mangoes & Seafood

Can I take Mangoes on the plane?

You can fly within WA with mangoes.

For Virgin & Qantas flights, whole mangoes can be carried on board however must remain sealed in container for other passengers who may have allergies and also remain within the airlines carry on weight and dimension limits. Mangoes can also be carried loosely in your suitcase if you wish or if you have a large box additional baggage charges may apply.

Can I travel with seafood?

You can fly within WA with seafood.

All seafood mustbe frozen in an esky or foam box with no wet or dry ice, ice packs are acceptable. This must be checked in with your luggage. 

Excess baggage charges;


$50 for heavy charges from 24-32kg

$78 for first extra baggage

$90 for second extra baggage

Extra baggage can be purchased on the Qantas website using your booking reference for half the price.


If bagggage exceeds the 23kg limit, there will be an excess baggage fee for the price of an additional bag which is $70.

Extra baggage can be purchase on the Virgin website using your booking reference for half the price. 

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