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Parking & Groundhandling Services


Groundhandling services at BIA are provided by Aerocare.  Request for services to be made directly with Aerocare on charters@aerocare.com.au


Please note:  There are limited parking positions at BIA.  Restrictions for non BIA based aircraft apply, all aircraft not based at BIA must request parking as below:

The BIA Parking Request Form is required to be completed and sent to the relevant emails by all non BIA based aircraft that do not have a dedicated parking position allocated at BIA.

The ITINERANT GA parking position is for Code A and B aircraft up to a maximum 15m wingspan only, and is located East of TWY G.  There is limited parking for approximately 8 aircraft.

If this area is not available you must make contact with the On Duty Groundsman on 0437 900 566.  If you are parked in the wrong location, you may be asked to relocate.

ITINERANT HELICOPTER parking is available at the Northern Pad, located off TWY F, East of the Engine Run Up Bay.

All international arrivals/departures must complete the form above.  You are required to contact BIA to confirm your parking position and you must contact Customs/Immigration and Quarantine separate to this form.


BIA is a Restricted International Airport

BIA is a Security Controlled Airport under the Aviation Transport Security Authority and Aviation Transport Security Regulations.  Aviation Security Identification Cards must be worn airside at all times.

No aircraft may park on the south side (RPT Apron) of the runway unless written approval has been received from BIA.

Itinerant Code C parking is available via Taxiway Charlie to Area C. You must make arrangements with BIA before parking in this area.