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Fly Neighbourly Policy

As an operator of aviation activities at Broome International Airport (BIA) and its aviation tenants are committed to undertaking operations in a "Fly Neighbourly" manner.

Subject to ATC requirements, BIA commits to undertaking our operations in a manner that is considerate of Broome residents, whilst maintaining the safe operation of aircraft.  BIA will do so by adhering, where possible, with the following principals:

  1. Complying with the airport Noise Abatement Procedures as included in NOTAM's, ERSA, irrespective of Broome ATC hours of operation;
  2. Including aircraft noise awareness in pilot training and familiarisation;
  3. Pilots planning all flights to minimise aircraft noise over residential areas;
  4. Avoiding low flying over populated areas and in particular Runway 28 departures and left turns over the town;
  5. Using appropriate runway length for departures to maximise height over the Broome township and its environs;
  6. Conducting circuit training between 0900 - 2000 Local time on all days, excluding Sundays and Monday nights where possible;
  7. Endeavouring to keep Runway 10/28 touch and go training to a minimum;
  8. Using satellite airstrips, if possible, for repetitive aircraft circuits;
  9. Ensuring engine run-ups are undertaken in the designated run-up bay or in other areas approved by the Airport or delegate; and
  10. Restricting turbine engine testing to 0700 - 2000 Local time unless prior approval is obtained from the Airport or delegate.

As at March 2012