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The Djarindjin Airport is managed and operated by Broome International Airport (BIA) on behalf of the Djarindjin Corporation.

As the only all weather, Sealed and Pilot Activated Runway Lighting airport on the Dampier Peninsular, the Djarindjin Airport is an important asset to the communities in the region.

The Djarindjin Corporation and BIA, in conjunction with State Government funding (RADS), have recently completed the construction of a modern RFDS passenger transfer station including a dedicated taxiway and apron for Fixed Wing Operations.

BIA as part of its agreement with the Djarindjin Corporation, employs staff to provide ongoing maintenance and oversight of this important facility. This also provides valuable employment and skills to those within the community.

The Djarindjin airport is also an important stopping off point for the Oil and Gas Industry by providing strategic refuelling facility for their offshore operations in Browse Basin.

Facts on Lombadina:

  • Runway 1200 x 18 metres sealed.
  • RFDS Transfer Station.
  • Dedicated Fixed Wing Apron.
  • Dedicated Helicopter Apron.
  • Automatic Weather Station linked to the Bureau of Meteorology, observations page.
  • Pilot Activated Lighting.
  • Dedicated Jet A1 refuelling facility for large Helicopters only
  • 2x Transportable Buildings for offshore Oil and Gas use.